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How To Avoid The Big Housing Crunch Awaiting Many Baby Boomers

There Are Dire Predictions For Baby Boomers But It Can Be Overcome With Planning

Those American Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are facing some pretty serious issues in the foreseeable future none of which are as daunting as the cost of housing in their retirement years.  Notwithstanding the estimated costs of $220,000 a couple will need in retirement for health care costs housing costs will dwarf that number as most experts believe that boomers will be forced to spend in excess of 30% of their monthly incomes supporting their abodes.  The struggle is just beginning because housing costs, both for ownership and for rentals, is skyrocketing throughout the country.

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Health Care Retirement Costs For Couples Top $220,000 – Imagine A Real Estate Strategy To Help Pay For That

Health Care 2

Planning For Retirement? Did You Know That The Average Couple Needs $220,000 For Health Care After 65?  Real Estate Investment Strategies Which Can Help You Meet Your Retirement Obligations And Allow You Benefits You Haven’t Thought Of Are Available For You

Wow, That’s A Lot Of Money

Research and recent data show that in order to be comfortable in retirement a retiree couple must figure that they will be spending an average of $220,000 during their retirement on health care costs.  Importantly, this amount does not include nursing home costs, or other long-term care expenditures.  If the average retirement lasts 25 years that is approximately $8,800 per year for two people – now that doesn’t sound as bad, correct?  No matter what the real number is it is imperative that people plan for these costs and expenses.

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