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Paying Off Your Mortgage Early Might Not Be the Investment You Think It Is

Paying Off Your Mortgage Early Might Not Be the Investment You Think It Is

There are Better Investments Available Instead of Paying Down Your Mortgage

Mortgage is Latin for “dead-deed.”  Black’s Law Dictionary defines mortgage as an interest in land created by written instrument providing security for the performance of a duty or the payment of a debt.  Mortgagees are the banks who lend money secured by real property and mortgagors are the borrowers who are obligated to repay the mortgagees for possession and title of the real property. 

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Six (6) Easy Ways to Save Money on Health Care Costs – And Invest in Real Estate with the Savings


How much money do you spend on health care?  Each day that goes by your overall health care costs go up (even though you don’t realize it) for a few reasons; 1) inflation, 2) you get older every day, and 3) unless you are exercising regularly you are getting in worse shape day-by-day.  These three factors will drive up your long-term health care costs.  No matter how prepared you are for your retirement years these costs will continue to rise unless you do something about them.  I recently posted an article indicating the average American couple will spend $220,000 for health care costs during their retirement years – and introduced a real estate strategy to combat these costs.  This figure does NOT include long-term care such as a nursing home or other retirement facilities.  Please prepare for the future by looking at the short list below which can help you plan and reduce surprises.

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Health Care Retirement Costs For Couples Top $220,000 – Imagine A Real Estate Strategy To Help Pay For That

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Planning For Retirement? Did You Know That The Average Couple Needs $220,000 For Health Care After 65?  Real Estate Investment Strategies Which Can Help You Meet Your Retirement Obligations And Allow You Benefits You Haven’t Thought Of Are Available For You

Wow, That’s A Lot Of Money

Research and recent data show that in order to be comfortable in retirement a retiree couple must figure that they will be spending an average of $220,000 during their retirement on health care costs.  Importantly, this amount does not include nursing home costs, or other long-term care expenditures.  If the average retirement lasts 25 years that is approximately $8,800 per year for two people – now that doesn’t sound as bad, correct?  No matter what the real number is it is imperative that people plan for these costs and expenses.

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