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Archive for June 2014

Most Common Real Estate Tax Audit Issues In 2014 And How To Avoid Them

Selling, Exchanging and Facilitating a Tax Deferral Strategy Requiring the Use of a Qualified Intermediary and IRC 1031 Requires Careful Planning and a CPA or Tax Attorney Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Audits continue to find non-compliance in some common areas.  Specifically, the following list of items are repeatedly flagged for audit by…

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The High Price To The Low Bid – Why You Should Never Hire An Unlicensed Contractor To Work On Your Property (When A License Is Required)

It Never Makes Sense To Hire An Unlicensed Contractor – The Risks Far Outweigh Any Rewards And It’s Against The Law In California, like many states, contracting for work where the labor and materials are greater than $500 requires a contractor’s license – there are no exceptions.  Month after month I hear stories of people, including…

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Durable Power of Attorney – What Is It And Do You Need One?

A Durable Power of Attorney Can Provide Peace Of Mind, Comfort, and Ease of Transition For Families As baby boomers approach retirement age there are many considerations which should be addressed regarding preparation for transitions and changes in their lifestyle.  Generally, most people will have to rely on others to help them at some point…

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Straight Facts about Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages Are Not For Everyone, But They Are Great Products For Certain Individuals In Their Retirement Years With Limited Cash Flow You have probably heard the term “reverse mortgage” but do you really understand what one is?  A reverse mortgage is basically a loan homeowners older than 62 years old can utilize to convert…

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