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Mountain View Weighs Increased Developer Fees – What Else?

Mountain View Weighs Increased Developer Fees – What Else?

How Should Cities Deal With Developers And Affordable Housing Proponents?

How do cities in tech-rich Silicon Valley curb skyrocketing housing costs while at the same time appease developers to build more affordable housing units?  In the city where Google Inc. resides the conundrum of housing is a bubbling caldron between residents, developers, and city staff.  The peninsula, where Mountain View is located, is experiencing a rapidly growing workforce that incorporates both high-earning educated professionals and a sub-set of low earning individuals to supply the service industry that is growing right along with the population.  The peninsula housing stock and developable land is the carrot which keeps getting more expensive by the day.  Cities like Mountain View are considering ways to improve the situation for its future residents, but faces business realities which do not bode well for people looking for affordable housing.

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