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Planned-Community Zoning Is On Table In Palo Alto

The Palo Alto City Council will consider whether or not, and how, to change or adjust land-use designation process within city limits.  The Council will begin Monday October 6 to look at modifying the city’s somewhat difficult planned-community zoning, which was paused due to a citizen referendum.  The current zoning which has been in place…

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Palo Alto High School Gym Bids Farewell

Many Memories Were Made at the Palo Alto High School Gym After 85 years of being a focal point for Viking pride and hosting thousands of events such as games, dances, and rallies, Palo Alto High School community members, esteemed alumni, and current students and staff will spend the afternoon of Sunday, March 16, bidding…

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New Alma Village Grocery Store Sign Getting Complaints

Some People Think it’s Too Big A supermarket that is expected to open in Palo Alto’s Alma Village next month is already drawing complaints over a large sign that recently was installed on Alma Avenue. The large sign is crucial for the grocery store’s survival according to the owner, and the City Council has already…

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Palo Alto Wants to Shift Drivers to Trains and Buses

Officials approve exploring an expanded shuttle system, new agency to manage traffic-reduction After months of debate about new garages and permit programs, Palo Alto officials shifted gears on Monday in their search for parking solutions when they approved an ambitious initiative aimed at getting drivers out of cars altogether.

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Palo Alto Passes Improved Public Art Program

Coming Soon For Palo Alto – More Public Art Palo Alto will be the recipient of more public art.  The City Council voted 8-0 last week to increase the “percent for art” policy which will now include residential projects of five units or more as well continuing to include commercial developments that are at least…

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