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Is Spring the Best Time to Buy a Palo Alto Home?

The world of real estate is an exciting and confusing place filled with sage advice for home buyers and sellers. You may have heard plenty of recommendations on when to buy, when to sell, whether you should stage, and other helpful tips to get your home sold fast; however, it may be difficult to tell…

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Mountain View Weighs Increased Developer Fees – What Else?

How Should Cities Deal With Developers And Affordable Housing Proponents? How do cities in tech-rich Silicon Valley curb skyrocketing housing costs while at the same time appease developers to build more affordable housing units?  In the city where Google Inc. resides the conundrum of housing is a bubbling caldron between residents, developers, and city staff. …

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Most Common Real Estate Tax Audit Issues In 2014 And How To Avoid Them

Selling, Exchanging and Facilitating a Tax Deferral Strategy Requiring the Use of a Qualified Intermediary and IRC 1031 Requires Careful Planning and a CPA or Tax Attorney Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange Audits continue to find non-compliance in some common areas.  Specifically, the following list of items are repeatedly flagged for audit by…

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