Brand New 82,000 Square Foot Facility Opened by Lockheed Martin in Palo Alto, CA

New Jobs and a New Palo Alto Facility

One hundred thirty new jobs and 82,000 square feet of new facilities opened March 25, 2014 in Palo Alto which will house the Advanced Materials and Thermal Sciences Center for Lockheed Martin. 

This opening will lessen the sting of four building closures in Sunnyvale during the most recent downturn in the economy.  The new facility will host advanced technologies such as 3-D printing, thermal sciences, energetics, nanotechnology, synthesis, advanced devices, and high temperature materials.   Lockheed believes the research at this facility will help shape the future of space payloads, missile systems, and satellites.

The new facility will help save $1 million in annual maintenance costs from the previous older buildings that were closed.  The carbon footprint will be reduced, energy costs are more than halved (60% less), and is overall better for the environment.   Lockheed has invested more than $220 million into Bay Area operations in the past five years to its existing facilities, primarily due to closures and cuts in government budgets.


Shelly Roberson


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