SF Peninsula Cities Sued by PG&E

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Menlo Park, Redwood City & Woodside Sued by PG&E to Replace 80 Year Old Gas Line In an attempt to replace three miles of an old gas line and hopefully prevent another catastrophic explosion like the one in San Bruno PG&E has filed three separate lawsuits against the cities of Menlo Park, Redwood City and Woodside so that they would be able to access real estate owned by both public entities and private owners. The line at issue, “Line #109,” was installed in the 1930’s and has been ordered replaced by the California Public Utilities Commission. Because significant real estate…

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Choosing the Right Realtor® for You

Shelly Roberson Realtor

Choosing the Right Realtor® Can Make a HUGE Difference in Your Home Buying or Selling Experience! Almost everyone knows a real estate agent.  However, all agents are not created equally.  This is easy to tell when you compare an agent’s experience to others, compare how long they have been in the business, and most importantly how many closed real property transactions they have to their name.

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Brand New 82,000 Square Foot Facility Opened by Lockheed Martin in Palo Alto, CA

New Lockheed Martin Facility in Palo Alto

New Jobs and a New Palo Alto Facility One hundred thirty new jobs and 82,000 square feet of new facilities opened March 25, 2014 in Palo Alto which will house the Advanced Materials and Thermal Sciences Center for Lockheed Martin. 

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Off Market Listings Only Reduce the Profits for Home Sellers

Off-market, private, or pocket listings are becoming more and more commonplace as sellers are somehow being persuaded to keep their properties off of the Multiple Listing Service during this hot real estate. 

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Staging a Listing is a “MUST” in Any Market

Staging is Worth the Investment Staging has entered into the ‘standard of practice’ in preparing a home to place on the real estate market.  Making a great first impression, whether via photos on the web, or as the purchaser walks into the front door, has never been much more essential when marketing a property.  In fact it is tantamount to having a listing look it’s best for the marketplace.

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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood for You


Things to Consider for Choosing Your Neighborhood Finding a good neighborhood to live in is probably more important as choosing the actual physical home. The neighborhood needs to be secure, fit your budget and your ideal lifestyle.

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Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space Seeks Public Funds for Parks & Open Space

Votes in the MidPen jurisdiction, which includes many cities in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties will be presented with an opportunity to approve a bond measure to help fund a $300 million bond measure for park funding.  A two-thirds vote will be necessary for approval.

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Palo Alto Foothills Park to Expand?

Weigh in on the Palo Alto Foothills Park Expansion The Palo Alto Resident-Only Foothills Park may be expanding under a current proposal in front of the Palo Alto City Council.  In a memo to council members 7.7 acres of city-owned land next to the exclusive Foothills Park preserve was described as an environmentally important riparian (next to water) corridor.

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Dual Agency Only Creates Conflicts & Increases Risks for All Parties

Fiduciary Duty to Whom? Real Estate Teams Can’t Possibly Uphold Their Fiduciary Duties To Sellers A dual agency real estate relationship exists when a real estate agent or a broker represents both sides of a real estate transaction.  A common theme in today’s marketplace is where a “Team” hosts an Open House and if a buyer walks in and wants to offer on the house the “Team” will provide a buyer’s agent.  Well, in this situation, the fiduciary duty owed to the seller goes right out the window because the “Team” has both “implied” and “actual” knowledge of the seller’s inside…

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New and Expanded Farmer’s Market in Palo Alto

Palo Alto’s California Avenue Farmers Market – Kick-Off This Sunday The new and expanded California Avenue Farmer’s Market is kicking off this Sunday, March 23 from 9A to 1P.  This expanded market will help the city’s massive streetscape project which also began this week. 

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