SF Peninsula Cities Sued by PG&E

Menlo Park, Redwood City & Woodside Sued by PG&E to Replace 80 Year Old Gas Line

In an attempt to replace three miles of an old gas line and hopefully prevent another catastrophic explosion like the one in San Bruno PG&E has filed three separate lawsuits against the cities of Menlo Park, Redwood City and Woodside so that they would be able to access real estate owned by both public entities and private owners. The line at issue, “Line #109,” was installed in the 1930’s and has been ordered replaced by the California Public Utilities Commission.

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Because significant real estate development has occurred over sections of the old pipe line over the last eighty plus years the State of California statutorily has granted PG&E the right to exercise the power of eminent domain. PG&E states in its lawsuit that it has made fair-market value offers to the property owners but has received limited response and must proceed with expediency.
The locations of the proposed replacement are sections of real estate near Interstate I-280 north of Sand Hill Road, near Woodside Road to Farm Hill Boulevard, and near Eden Bower Lane to Wilmington Way. Sections of Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club are also affected by the easement PG&E is requesting.
The proposed replacement pipeline is a 24” high quality steel gas line with automated valves that can be operated remotely. This hi-tech gas line will also be equipped with internal monitoring and inspection tools/gauges.

Assuming PG&E is successful in their lawsuits seeking easements to install the new gas line the existing property owners will be able to use and access their property, but will not be allowed to construct and structures, plant trees, or do anything that would disrupt the operation of the gas line.


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