Palo Alto Main Library Gets a New Name

Palo Alto Main Library Name  is “Rinconada”

After a long drawn out process Palo Alto’s main library has been renamed to “Rinconada Library” by the Palo Alto City Council.  Supporters of the new name have consistently argued that the library is not the main library because it is not the biggest library in the system, nor is it the administrative center of the library system.
Rinconada is a Spanish word for “insider corner” or “elbow” and was adopted because the land on which Palo Alto was developed was part of the land grant known as Rancho Rinconada del Arroyo de San Francisquito.

The Rinconada library name change was timely as it is currently undergoing renovations for a new program room, new study rooms, and upgraded electrical and mechanical systems.
Several opponents of the name change argued that the library should be named after a local notable person instead of a place or a thing.  One name that was offered was “Birge Clark” who was a prominent, distinguished local architect who designed 450 buildings in Palo Alto and Stanford University.

Shelly Roberson


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